Flora and fauna

One of the most surprising aspects of the municipality of Almadén is its environmental situation. A priori, one may assume that the region, which has for centuries been home to mining and metallurgical activities and has been the world's leading producer of a highly contaminating substance, should be severely polluted. Nevertheless, the environmental impact of mercury mining can be regarded as irrelevant since there are no deteriorated or unproductive soils in the area as a consequence of its mercury content.

Puerto Revuelo
Imagen de Puerto Revuelo

Despite not being a "nature reserve", Almadén's native fauna and flora are well-preserved (remarkably so, considering the European average), and hunting tourism, specifically for deer and wild boar, is one of the area’s main economic activities.

The only noticeable environmental impact is deforestation, caused by the demand for wood to be used as fuel in Mercury metallurgy (which is restricted to some specific areas).

Sheep are the most common livestock, with some select cattle, goat and swine farms. The significant existing flora encourages beekeeping.

Domestic and wild animals, primarily wild boar and deer, coexist peacefully among holm oaks and cork oaks.

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